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Memorable Classroom Moments + Friday’s Terrific Contest

***This contest is now closed. Laurel was our winner. She is planning to use the curriculum to teach her 6th grade Sunday evening class. Thanks to everyone for participating!***

Summer Reading
Have you ever experienced one of those “Wow” moments when teaching children or youth? Something happens that causes your heart to well up in thankfulness to the Lord as you see His Spirit at work in the lives of your students?

Sunday, June 9 was such a moment for me. It was the last day of first-grade Sunday school. Throughout the year, we had been studying The ABCs of God. Each week the children learned a new word describing something about God’s character—34 words in all. There are words like incomprehensible, creator, almighty, wise, jealous, omniscient, eXalted, righteous, holy, merciful, love, wrath, self-sufficient, etc. So, as a year-end challenge for the children, I asked them to recite the words in alphabetical order (they hadn’t learned them in that order). The only help I gave the children was introducing the letter “A is for…”, “B is for…”. But, to my amazement and joy, the children didn’t even need this prompting. In clear, loud, joyful voices they recited the ABCs of God from Almighty to Zealous. (more…)

The Generations in Worship

Watching and Listening

Here is an excellent message by Pastor Bud Burk (Pastor for Child & Youth Discipleship, Bethlehem Baptist Church) for everyone in the church, especially parents and pastors regarding children being present with their parents in the corporate worship service. A few excerpts for your encouragement…  (more…)

Good Summer Reading

Summer Reading
Don’t you love summer? Your children can put away the “have to read” books that school demands and the intense schedule of the school year, and have long leisurely hours to…read! The following list of books includes some that your children can read or you can read together to not only give them the pleasure of reading, but also to  nurture their souls and character. (The list progresses from younger to older readers.) (more…)

Growing World Christians

World Christians

The world came early into my life. On rainy days, Mother let us dig through attic baskets filled with mementos of her college summer in Mexico. My parents’ table and guest bed were open to visitors from many places. Our mailbox saw many exotic stamps. On the back wall of our “vacation” church was a huge world map. A cousin went to Indonesia. Daddy told us stories of his days as doctor on a Navy tanker, docking off Saudi Arabia, Burma, Japan and other ports of call.

So begins Noel Piper’s article “Home Grown World Christians.” But then Mrs. Piper continues with an all-too-familiar observation and a challenging question, (more…)

Don’t Lose Sight: Our Children Belong to God

I find these words from Paul Tripp to be both convicting and encouraging. May they point us God-ward in our parenting and cause us to be more earnest in prayer as we see our desperate need for His daily sovereign grace. (more…)

God’s Providence + Friday Contest

***This contest is now closed. Charity and Amy were our winners. Thanks to everyone for participating!***

Aggie Hurst, the inspiring story of a girl without a home, One Witness
Yesterday’s blog post informed you of our revised and enhanced curriculum, My Purpose Will Stand: A Study for Children on God’s Providence (available in our webstore later this month).  Here is a sampling of one of the new stories included in the GIFT (Growing in Faith Together) pages. It is a great story of God’s providence to share with your children and students. 

David and Svea Flood left Sweden in 1921 to serve as missionaries in a remote area of the Belgian Congo. Along with another young missionary couple, the Ericksons, the Floods were prohibited from entering the village by the chief of the tribe. Consequently, they bought food from a young boy who Svea led to the Lord. (more…)

Revised and Enhanced Curriculum from Children Desiring God

Children Desiring God's new CEP Curriculum

Children Desiring God is in the process of revising and updating our Sunday School curriculum. This is more than just a “new look.” After 15 years of curriculum publishing, our mission and vision have not changed. We still exist to spread a passion for the supremacy of God in all things so that the next generation may know and cherish Jesus Christ as the only One who saves and satisfies the desires of the heart.

But in our passion to see the next generations delight in Him, we’ve been working to improve the ways we equip teachers, engage students, and impact families. (more…)

Aiming Children Toward God-Esteem

The following are some important and challenging words by John Piper from a sermon titled “Predestined for Adoption to the Praise of His Glory.  (more…)

Seeing and Pursuing True Greatness

True greatness is all around us. The question is do we see it? - C. J. Mahaney
“Awesome!” That’s a word I often hear used by many of the young people I meet and teach. But the word is often being used to describe something that really isn’t awesome, great, or amazing…at least not in the biblical sense of the word. The fact is, our culture is at work instructing and shaping our children’s view of “greatness”, especially personal greatness. Unless we intentionally teach our children to know and recognize true greatness, they may miss the many evidences of it in the “ordinary” lives of God’s people. (more…)

Recruiting and Retaining Volunteers

Recruit, volunteers, retain, retaining, recruiting, volunteer
One of the most difficult jobs in children’s and youth ministry is recruiting a full staff of volunteers who are not only joyfully motivated, but also adequately trained and equipped. Along with that is the challenge of retaining these volunteers from year-to-year, if at all possible, so that there is a stable, spiritually mature core in your ministry team. How does a ministry leader do this? While it is true that every church has unique challenges in recruiting and retaining volunteers, there are some basic principles that can help every ministry leader in this endeavor. (more…)

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