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Shepherding the Little Lambs


Some good words from Pastor Art Murphy about leading children to Christ,

Even if a child says all of the right things, he may not be ready to accept Christ. Even if he is very anxious (or impatient) to become a Christian, this does not guarantee that he is ready. On the other hand, he may find it difficult to express himself but have real conviction in his heart. A child who has never experienced salvation does not know what to expect and should not be abandoned while making this decision. He needs you to help him. Though you cannot make his decision for him, he does need your guidance with this… (more…)

Giving Children a Right Perception of Self


Why Our Children Need to Be Taught the Reality of Adam


They say what goes around, comes around. And, unfortunately, there is a lot going around that we need to be on the alert for so that we can prepare our children with a strong defense…which brings us to Adam. A growing number of people—even some professing Christians—are challenging the reality and necessity of a historical Adam. Why should this be on our radar screen as parents and teachers? Because so much is at stake! (more…)

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