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Now Available: How Majestic Is Your Name, Revised

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Children Desiring God is excited to announce the release of the revised version of How Majestic Is Your Name. This 40-week Sunday school curriculum is designed to reveal the character of God to 5th grade students through the study of His names. We have been working hard to improve the ways in which our curriculum equips teachers, engages students and impacts families:

  • Updated lessons provide teachers with devotionals and prayer points, incorporate more teacher-student interaction, maintain a consistent length and are formatted in a cleaner layout that is easier to teach from.
  • Lessons have been tailored specifically for 5th grade students and three new lessons have been added.
  • New and expanded application questions help small group leaders guide students to apply truths taught in the lesson to their hearts. Questions complement the Student Notebook which has been redesigned to be more interactive for children.
  • The Student Notebook includes a note taking section for students to complete during the lesson, age-appropriate activities and application questions.
  • Original, full-color visuals capture the attention of students and reinforce important truths of the lessons.
  • Growing in Faith Together: Parent and Child Resource Pages prompt spiritual conversations and help parents fulfill the calling to shepherd their children. GIFT pages are now available as as a PDF file in the Classroom kit to print or email and as a spiral bound booklet. How Majestic Is Your Name GIFT pages will also be available in our new app for iPhone and Android soon.

Visit the following links to learn more about the revised version of How Majestic Is Your Name:

Learn more about available products and place your order!

View a sample of the curriculum and the curriculum Scope and Sequence.

Do you currently own a copy of How Majestic Is Your Name?

Read about upgrade options or call customer service at 877.400.1414 to place your upgrade order.


Christians in Hard Places: Our Children Need to Know

A Church in Baghdad

A Church in Baghdad

Most of us saw this headline in the news recently: “Has Last Christian Left Iraqi City of Mosul After 2,000 Years?” Increasingly, Christians are being persecuted around the world. And though this might seem very remote for many of us living in relatively “safe” places, we and our children need to remember our brothers and sisters in Christ who are suffering for the sake of the Gospel. Here is a simple lesson that you could use to help your children understand persecution and our response to it. (more…)

Is Vision really necessary?

Sir Winston Churchill

Sir Winston Churchill

What’s the big deal about developing a “vision-driven” ministry to children and youth? In their seminar, “The Importance of Sharing and Spreading the Vision,” Ian and Nina Fry began addressing this question by giving us some thoughts to ponder.

 In 1943 Winston Churchill addressed a joint session of Congress.

“By singleness of purpose, by steadfastness of conduct, by tenacity and endurance…by this and only this can we discharge our duty to the future of the world and to the destiny of man.”


Marking Milestones and Making Memories in your Son’s Journey to Manhood


A “Father/Son Quest” is a great concept that was instituted years ago at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis. Here is a description of its purpose, which could be used to generate your own personalized version for your church:

Navigating the road from boyhood to manhood is a treacherous journey in today’s postmodern culture. We look to The Bible as the source of truth for parents throughout this important journey. Daily parenting, effective communication, prayer, encouragement, and loving support are important steps in building a firm foundation for your son.


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