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Free Lesson for Youth: A Biblical View of Technology

ID-100103343In the previous post, “Children and Youth in a Digital Age,” we recommended some important “must-read” articles regarding digital media and technology for parents by Dr. Albert Mohler. As a follow-up, we’d like to offer you a free lesson from our curriculum Your Word Is Truth. The lesson gives students (ages 7th-9th grade) a biblical foundation for understanding technology, and then challenges them to apply these truths in practical ways to their own lives and daily decisions. Although not specifically geared toward digital media, it does provide general biblical truths for helping students evaluate their use of digital media and other popular technologies. Here is an outline of the main ideas presented in the lesson:

  • Man is able to create technology because we are made in God’s image and reflect His divine ability to create.
  • Technology often assists man in exercising rightful dominion over creation, and is a means of God providing for the needs of people.
  • The sinful heart is prone to develop and use technology for evil purposes.
  • The sinful heart is prone to trust and find its satisfaction in technology, and not in God.
  • Technology can be used as a means of glorifying God, or glorifying man.

Click here to download all lesson components.

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A Teacher’s Heart: Transforming

Transforming Power of the Gospel

As a teacher and writer for children I’m always looking for good resources designed for children. But one of the best things I can give my students is teaching from a transformed heart and mind—a mind increasingly shaped and changed through the Gospel. To that end, I am rereading Jerry Bridges excellent book The Transforming Power of the Gospel. As teachers, let us take to heart these words by Mr. Bridges so that when we teach, our words and demeanor give evidence to the life-changing truths of the Gospel:

…we cannot grow spiritually if we do not see our need to grow. And if our insecurity about our day-to-day relationship with God causes us to live in denial about our sin, we will not grow. This is one reason we still need the gospel every day. It helps us move from a performance relationship with God to one based on the sinless life and sin-bearing death of Jesus Christ. It daily reminds us that from God’s point of view, our relationship with Him is not based on how good or bad we’ve been but upon the perfect goodness and death of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thus, the gospel frees us up to honestly face our sin, knowing that because of Christ’s death, God no longer counts that sin against us (see Romans 4:7-8).

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Hide God’s Word in Your Heart this Year

Happy New Year!

The new year is a great time to start a new Scripture memory program. Fighter Verses exists to help equip and encourage believers to fight the fight of faith through Scripture memory. We pray these resources will help you in your efforts to memorize in the coming year.

  • Children Desiring God is offering all printed Fighter VersesFighter Verses-ExtendedFoundation Verses, and Song CDs at a 10% discount through January 18, 2015. Use code FV2015 when you check out to receive the discount. (Note: The discount does not apply to our 10-packs, since those are already available at a reduced price.)
  • The Fighter Verse App is available for $2.99 for iPhone® and iPad®Android®, and Kindle®. The Fighter Verse App provides a weekly passage of Scripture to memorize (1 passage/week for 5 years), review tools, quizzes, Foundation Verses for preschool children (with pictures to quiz pre-readers), an “add your own verse” feature, several Bible versions to choose from, and more. We pray that this tool would help many believers fight the fight of faith through memorizing God’s Word. Read more about Fighter Verse App features.
  • Not a techie sort of person? Make your own verse cards instead. Just copy and paste the references for the verses you want to print and the Verse Card Maker will create flash cards that you can print with the reference on one side and the verse or passage on the other.
  • Ask your small group or some friends to join you in your efforts to memorize Scripture. Being held accountable is a great way to ensure you will accomplish your memorization goalsnot just start strong in January and taper off later in the year.
  • Read an article on how to memorize to help yourself succeed. Make a plan for when and how you will memorize, and what you will do to review verses on a regular basis.
  • If you struggle to memorize, songs are a great way to do it (just think of all the advertising jingles you learned without even trying!). The songs are on the website each week as a free download. Song CDs are available for sale on Children Desiring God as well as amazon and digital downloads are available on iTunes.
  • If you are interested in promoting Bible memory at your church, be sure to read this article on church-wide Bible memory (view as PDF). There are many helpful suggestions to make a church-wide memory program successful. (If you are promoting Fighter Verses at your church feel free to use these posters: Poster 1 / Poster 2)
  • Visit The Verses Project for more songs and beautiful, verse-inspired artwork for your smart phone.
  • And last, we leave you with this exhortation from John Piper and we ask you to join us in memorizing God’s Word in the year ahead:

If My Words Abide in You, Excerpt

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