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8 Ways for Parents to Partner With Sunday School Teams

8 Ways for Parents to Partner With Sunday School Teams

Sunday school is a primary means for building intergenerational unity in the body of Christ. Discipleship on any level tends to knit hearts together, but Sunday school has the unique ability to partner all generations to bring the gospel joy of knowing Christ to the youngest in our churches. A strong partnership of parents (and grandparents) and Sunday school teams can begin now in your church.

If you are a parent, here are eight practical ways for you to partner with your child’s teaching team. (more…)

Training Up the Next Generation to Follow Christ the King!



What drives your children’s ministry? Is it the desire to impart the greatness of God, His Word, and the Gospel at every stage of a child’s development? If so, come and be equipped and encouraged! Immanuel Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky will be hosting a “Children Desiring God Vision & Training Conference” with keynote speakers David and Sally Michael, founders of CDG, on September 11 & 12. This conference is designed to strengthen and equip pastors, teachers, children’s discipleship workers, and parents in the ministry God has given to raise up the next generation to hope in Him.

David and Sally will impart a biblical vision for the next generation in four plenary sessions. They will later be joined by seminar presenters Jeff King, Ben Hedrick, JC & Bethany Mojica, Ward Young, and Jay & Lynn Shreve to give practical application for parents and children’s ministry leaders and workers. Below are the plenary session and seminar titles:

Plenary Sessions with David and Sally Michael:

  • A Vision for God-centered Worship in the Next Generation
  • A Vision for Biblical Literacy in the Next Generation
  • A Vision for Encouraging Faith in the Next Generation
  • For the Joy of the Next Generation: Psalm 1

Seminars—Session 1

  • Wife, Mother, Disciple-Maker: Being the Catalyst for Your Child’s Spirituality—Sally Michael
  • Sustaining the Vision—David Michael
  • Making War Against Anger in Parenting—Jeff King
  • Starting Right! Nursery & Toddler Ministry—JC & Bethany Mojica
  • Discerning Conversion in Children—Ben Hedrick

Seminars—Session 2:

  • A Father’s Blessing—David Michael
  • Leading Children to a Solid Faith—Sally Michael
  • Embracing a Massive, Christ-Exalting Vision for Youth—Ward Young
  • Trusting the Lord and Training our Kids—Jeff King
  • Caring for Kids with Special Needs—Jay & Lynn Shreve

We hope you can join us!


Light in a Dark World

Lighthouse2 jpeg (1)



…Karl Marx declared that the modern age would sweep all conventional morality and political structures aside in a complete transformation of values. In his memorable words, “all that is solid melts into air.” We are in the age of the advanced meltdown of those values. What Marx promised is now happening before our eyes. What can explain it? A witness to the collapse of Marx’s revolution, that great Russian prophet Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, explained it with four simple words: “Men have forgotten God.” And so they have. Nothing else can explain the great shift in worldview we are witnessing.—R. Albert Mohler,Jr.

When I read this quote, it would be an understatement to say my heart is moved. Christians will be stirred by God’s calling to bring his light and truth to a darkened, shifting world. But how quickly this passion can be beaten down and intimidated by thinking about the enormity of the task—discouragement, even despair can settle in and immobilize us.

How near “the point of no return” our society seems to be! What can one person do to pull it back—even a little?

To start, we can remember God! He is all-powerful and wonderful, and nothing is impossible for Him. He sends forth His word, and it accomplishes His purposes! The darkness will not overcome His light! Do not be afraid! Now is the time to immerse yourself in God’s word and let Him equip you to teach the Bible to the next generation—that these young ones also would remember God and know that He is all-powerful and wonderful, and that nothing is impossible for Him.

We will not hide them from their children, but tell to the coming generation the glorious deeds of the Lord, and his might, and the wonders that he has done. (Psalm 78:4 ESV)

Then, as you faithfully and persistently disciple the next generation, trust in God’s promises to bring forth the growth! You are pouring the light of God’s truth, His words of life, into those who will one day courageously lead their generation as Christ’s beacons in the world.

Children Desiring God partners with churches and families for just this purpose. Through curriculum, books, website resources, and the IMPACT regional conferences and seminars, we hope to encourage and equip you with tools to effectively disciple the next generation of light-bearers. We invite you to join us and learn more about our discipleship vision at our next IMPACT Regional Conference to be held in Austin, Texas on March 21-22, followed by IMPACT: Los Angeles on May 2-3. Click here for more information on these conferences, and then watch our website for dates and locations of future IMPACT Regional Conferences near you.

With this vision to spread…We will go!


Our mission is to spread a passion for the supremacy of God in all things so that the next generation may know and cherish Jesus Christ as the only One who saves and satisfies the desires of the heart.

We want millions in every generation to set their hope in God. To that end, we aim to is to spread a passion for the supremacy of God in all things so that the next generation may know and cherish Jesus fuel spiritual desire by producing God-centered, Bible-saturated, Christ-exalting resources, and by equipping parents and churches working in partnership to instruct the mind, engage the heart, and nurture the faith of the next generations.

This vision statement is the touchstone of the CDG discipleship efforts of teaching, writing, and ministry through curriculum, books, booklets, website, blog, apps…and now through the IMPACT Regional Conferences. Recently, a new focus was set at CDG on advancing this glorious vision for the joy of coming generations through IMPACT Regional Conferences—in other words, through much prayer and planning, we determined to “go on the road.”

Our IMPACT Regional Conferences feature three vision-casting plenary sessions featuring David and Sally Michael, founders of Children Desiring God. David and Sally then join others from the CDG staff to offer a variety of break-out seminars that give practical assistance to parents, pastors, Christian education leaders, teachers, and small group leaders in their discipleship efforts. An added blessing for those attending IMPACT is the opportunity to form networks with church leadership, Christian educators, and parents in their area for encouragement and prayer.

Here’s what others are saying about previous IMPACT Regional Conferences:

“The IMPACT Conference presents solid biblical foundations of teaching the next generation. I think the conference is also a good way to connect with people of other churches and to encourage each other.”

“The conference gave us new tools and more substance to help others understand the great truths of the Bible.”

“5 out of the 10 moms in my small group went to the conference and have been so blessed and challenged in our own spiritual walk and the call to impact effectively our children for God, that we are now sharing what we learned with the other moms. Also, your website is filled with lectures which we will utilize for small group times to further our learning. Thank you so much!”

“I told several people that attended the conference with me from our church that these seminars should be required consumption for all current or prospective parents. It’s never too late to learn this information but the earlier you receive it, the better.”

“This conference was truly a blessing. It reminded me again of the importance of pointing to God and his Son Jesus Christ in every aspect of parenting and Children’s ministry. It was also a great reminder of how to properly teach young children the Word of God, especially young children who we foolishly think shouldn’t be taught anything because they don’t “understand.” I really hope to put into practice what I learned at the conference. It was a blessing to me and to all the other fellow brothers and sisters.”

“As a teacher, I was really excited to be preparing this week’s lessons and hearing Sally and David’s voices as I read through them. Thanks for your heart for our Mighty Savior and our kids! CDG ROCKS!”

We hope you can join us for an upcoming IMPACT Regional Conference:

    • ROCHESTER, NEW YORK—February 7-8
    • AUSTIN, TEXAS—March 21-22

Fields Ready for Harvest

Fields Ready for Harvest

I make my way down the stairs and out the door of the downtown Minneapolis offices of Children Desiring God–get in my car, and begin the 45-mile-drive home. At about mile 20, I reach the bridge over the Minnesota River and notice the freshness coming through the air vent. Across the river, the city skyline gives way to an expansive view of colorful forests and native Minnesota grasses swaying in the autumn breeze. But the really good part is still to come . . . At last, I make the turn onto our country road for the last four miles to my home and there, for as far as my eyes can see, is the harvest. Golden fields of corn and soybeans stand waiting for the farmer to gather in their bounty. I find myself thinking about last spring when I watched this farmer faithfully labor, with skill I’m sure he learned from his boyhood, to plow his fields, plant the seed, fertilize and cultivate the rows–and now, I rejoice with him in the reward of all his efforts. I think about the reliance on God the farmer must have for the fruitful outcome of his labors. And, then, my thoughts turn to Jesus and I hear his words to me, “Look, I tell you, lift up your eyes, see that the fields are ripe to harvest. The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. (more…)

Impact: The Next Generation

Impact: The Next Generation

Impact - quote

IMPACT: The Next Generation is a series of regional conferences throughout the United States and Canada designed to spread the biblical vision for God-centered discipleship of children and youth.

IMPACT will provide a unique opportunity for parents, pastors, ministry teams, teachers and youth leaders to be encouraged and equipped for ministry. Most importantly, Children Desiring God wants to proclaim a biblical vision for the next generation in order to equip church and home for the God-given responsibility to nurture the faith of children and youth.

Learn more about upcoming IMPACT dates and locations, schedule, sessions, conference rates and conference speakers.


Date: October 18-19, 2013
Venue: The Metropolitan Bible Church
Location: Ottawa, Ontario CANADA

Register online or by calling 877.400.1414.

Download the brochure for registration details, hotel information and seminar selections.


Date: November 8-9, 2013
Venue: Open Door Presbyterian Church
View church website in Korean
Location: Herndon, Virginia

Additional details and registration information coming soon!