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Lullaby Theology: Singing the Whole Counsel of God

At two years old, David is finding his singing voice. From the backseat he warbles about “The Wheels of the Bus,” and in the bathtub he chirps out “The Itsy, Bitsy Spider.” But yesterday I found him on our bed, thumbing through Daddy’s Bible, singing “Jesus Loves Me.” We got out the ESV Bible my parents gave David when he was born and sat on the bed, looking at the pictures and singing the songs he had learned about God. One of those songs was Praise Him, Praise Him, All Ye Little Children:

Praise Him, praise Him, all ye little children,
God is love, God is love;
Praise Him, praise Him, all ye little children,
God is love, God is love.


Lullaby Theology 201: Singing the Grace of Personal Holiness


In the lower elementary Sunday school class at Bethlehem Baptist Church, I remember learning three hymns: How Great Thou Art, To God Be the Glory, and
Trust and Obey
. It was a safe assumption that one of those songs would show up in our classroom worship every week amid other songs that have since disappeared from my memory. It’s a worship trio that covers a lot of ground: who God is, what He has done, and how it should change our lives as we respond to it. In that classroom, we weren’t all saved, and we didn’t understand everything we were singing, but the teachers were stamping in our hearts and minds a rhythm of grace—saved by grace, living in faith, changing by grace and faith. (more…)

Lullaby Theology 102: Singing the Whole Gospel of God—Part 2

Our lullabies of truth shouldn’t be songs of horror, but they should tell of the whole Gospel, not just the nice parts of the story. Children see and live out the bad news every day of their lives, so we might as well put labels to it. Even toddlers must know they are sinners acting in rebellion against a holy and righteous God, and thus justly deserving of His wrath. When David storms and stomps and bites his mommy, his offense isn’t mainly against his mother, but the God who created him and his mother. And the consequence for that sin is much worse than he can imagine or mommy can implement. This isn’t good news, but it is reality. (more…)

Lullaby Theology 102: Singing the Whole Gospel of God, Part 1

I’m one of those people who don’t believe in playing Christmas music until after Thanksgiving, so while As with Gladness, Men of Old may sneak into sleepy time repertoire a couple of times in the warmer months, we don’t sing Christmas music until Advent begins. Once Advent begins, Christmas music is almost the only music we sing, because it would be hard to top Infant Holy, Infant Lowly or Silent Night at the close of a winter day with a bundle of baby in your arms. The soft and sweet melodies that roll with such gentle adoration for a newborn King speak tender benedictions over the littlest heads with assurances of God’s nearness, mercy, and grace. (more…)