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Friday Contest Winner!

Congratulations to Kim, the winner of our October 18th Friday Contest! We’re sending her a copy of Bible Doctrine: Essential Teachings of the Christian Faith.

Be sure to check in this Friday for another contest!

Is This Book on Your Shelf? + Friday Contest

Bible Doctrine
For many, the term “systematic theology” sounds scary, too weighty, or maybe even boring. And a book with that title doesn’t seem like it should be included in a list of “must have” resources for people who minister to children. But in my years of working with children, and as a parent, I have found the book Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Biblical Doctrine by Dr. Wayne Grudem to be one of the most helpful books I own. That is why at CDG we are all in agreement that every parent and teacher should have this valuable resource, or the abridged Bible Doctrine: Essential Teachings of the Christian Faith . Why do we so highly recommend these two books? Here are a few reasons:

Praying for the Next Generation + Friday Contest

Praying for the Next Generation in Japan

The following is a story of how CDG’s booklet Praying for the Next Generation  has been taken to Japan by a pastor named Gideon and his wife, Ester, and used for Bible study.

During our internship in Shinkoiwa Baptist church, Tokyo Japan, we happened to meet some parents who came from Myanmar, wondering the future for their children. When they shared about their challenging spiritual lives in Japan we were so moved with compassion that we asked few parents to gather together for prayer meeting.

We introduced PRAYING FOR NEXT GENERATION course and studied together God’s word.  We all asked together for wisdom to lead our children and generation into godly lives amidst the unbelievers. The prayer meeting went every Monday 10 to 12 AM. Prayer participants were added week after weeks. Some men joined. The meeting strength grew stronger. It was unbelievable that such a small group started by just four mothers and PASTOR GIDEON … became the channel to bless many parents to be more prepared to face the future under God’s guidance.

Here is a description of, Praying for the Next Generation (by Sally Michael):


Friday Contest: Let the Little Children Sing!

***This contest is now closed. Heather T was our winner. Thanks to everyone for participating!***

Let the Little Children Sing!

Do you want students to memorize more Scripture in the coming year? Do you want to help them learn key spiritual truths? You can encourage this through song. To this end, Children Desiring God is happy to provide a helpful resource by Necia Sneed Ramsey, Let the Little Children Sing! (more…)

Memorable Classroom Moments + Friday’s Terrific Contest

***This contest is now closed. Laurel was our winner. She is planning to use the curriculum to teach her 6th grade Sunday evening class. Thanks to everyone for participating!***

Summer Reading
Have you ever experienced one of those “Wow” moments when teaching children or youth? Something happens that causes your heart to well up in thankfulness to the Lord as you see His Spirit at work in the lives of your students?

Sunday, June 9 was such a moment for me. It was the last day of first-grade Sunday school. Throughout the year, we had been studying The ABCs of God. Each week the children learned a new word describing something about God’s character—34 words in all. There are words like incomprehensible, creator, almighty, wise, jealous, omniscient, eXalted, righteous, holy, merciful, love, wrath, self-sufficient, etc. So, as a year-end challenge for the children, I asked them to recite the words in alphabetical order (they hadn’t learned them in that order). The only help I gave the children was introducing the letter “A is for…”, “B is for…”. But, to my amazement and joy, the children didn’t even need this prompting. In clear, loud, joyful voices they recited the ABCs of God from Almighty to Zealous. (more…)

God’s Providence + Friday Contest

***This contest is now closed. Charity and Amy were our winners. Thanks to everyone for participating!***

Aggie Hurst, the inspiring story of a girl without a home, One Witness
Yesterday’s blog post informed you of our revised and enhanced curriculum, My Purpose Will Stand: A Study for Children on God’s Providence (available in our webstore later this month).  Here is a sampling of one of the new stories included in the GIFT (Growing in Faith Together) pages. It is a great story of God’s providence to share with your children and students. 

David and Svea Flood left Sweden in 1921 to serve as missionaries in a remote area of the Belgian Congo. Along with another young missionary couple, the Ericksons, the Floods were prohibited from entering the village by the chief of the tribe. Consequently, they bought food from a young boy who Svea led to the Lord. (more…)

Win a Great Resource for Fathers!

***This contest is now closed. Jason, Becky and David were our winners. Thanks to everyone for participating!***

Father's Guide

In a previous post I mentioned the regular “bedtime blessing” routine in our family. Each night my husband would bless each of our children. The inspiration and instruction for doing this came from our dear friend and pastor, David Michael.

A Father’s Guide to Blessing His Children is a simple, practical, inexpensive and valuable tool that any dad can use. Here is David’s own description of why he created this resource:

This booklet and the accompanying blessing cards have grown out of a heart and vision to encourage men to bless their households. Most Christian men understand that they are called to be spiritual leaders in their home, but not all have a clear idea of what that means. Part of the reason for this is that many of us grew up with fathers who were not good examples of spiritual leadership. In fact, for the past several generations men were more likely to assume spiritually passive roles in the home, thus abdicating both the physical and spiritual care of their children and their wives. The more troubled families and marriages I see, the more I am motivated and inspired to encourage men toward life-giving spiritual leadership in the home.

These blessings are a simple yet powerful way for a father to express his prayer to God and to communicate a vision for the kind of men and women that he desires his children will one day be. In addition to his personal experience, David Michael shares a biblical understanding of blessing, and the fruits of blessing. There are also 24 scripture passages modified to fit the form of a blessing that a father may use with his own sons and daughters. These blessings are printed on 3″ x 5″ cards designed to fit in a shirt pocket that a father can carry with him to bless his sons and daughters before bedtime, or anytime.

Imagine the multiplied blessings that God might pour out on sons and daughters as these words from Psalm 112 flow over them from the heart of a loving father:

May you be a blessed man/woman who fears the Lord.
May you find great delight in the Lord’s commands.
May your children be mighty in the land. Even to the next generation, may you and your children be blessed.
May you find your wealth and your riches in God.
May you endure in righteousness forever.
Even in the darkness may the light dawn for you.
May you be a gracious, compassionate and righteous man/woman.
May you never be shaken. And may your name be remembered by the Lord forever. Amen!

This is a great resource for new fathers, veteran fathers, and grandfathers, as they seek to provide spiritual leadership for their families.

Do you know of a father who would benefit from this resource as he shepherds his children spiritually?

  • PRIZE: A free printed copy of A Father’s Guide to Blessing His Children
  • TO ENTER: Comment on this post and tell us one thing you admire about your father.
  • CONTEST CLOSES: Wednesday, June 5 (Winners will be announced on Monday June 10.)

Friday Contest–5/24/13

***This contest is now closed. Laurel was our winner. Thanks to everyone for participating!***

Read today’s post “Is This Book on Your Shelf?” and leave a comment on that post. We will draw one name to receive a free copy of Teach Them Diligently: How to Use the Scriptures in Child Training by Lou Priolo.

May 10 Contest Winners


Sorry these are a bit later than normal, but here are the contest winners from May 10:

Angela S. and Cora!

We will be emailing you two shortly in order to get you your prize, a copy of Mothers: Disciplers of the Next Generations.



Friday Contest — 5/10/13

Read today’s post “What is a Mother?” and then leave us a comment by Wednesday May 15. We will draw two names and each will receive a free copy of Sally Michael’s new booklet, Mothers: Disciplers of the Next Generations.
Contest winners will be announced on Monday May 20.
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