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Reading the Bible through the Right Lens

Children Desiring God Blog //  Reading the Bible through the Right Lens

If you have attended the preconference at one of our Children Desiring God national conferences, you probably remember the teaching emphasis that “the Bible is first and foremost a book about God.” This emphasis can revolutionize the way you teach the Bible to children. But, has it also revolutionized your time with God in the Word?

In her book, Women of the Word, Jen Wilkin talks about “getting things backward” in her reading of the Bible. She states, (more…)

“More Sword Drills, Please!”


Many years ago, I taught 2nd-grade Sunday school. At that time, we were just beginning to implement a new strategy to more intentionally present our children with a God-centered, Bible-saturated focus in our Sunday school classes. In order to maximize our classroom time toward that goal, we began moving away from the regular and time-consuming crafts to which the children had grown accustomed. However, not all teachers were convinced that this was the best thing to do. Won’t the children be upset? Won’t they grow “bored” if we don’t have some fun, hands-on crafts each Sunday? (more…)

Mining for Treasure in the Bible

Here is a new video from John Piper giving a sneak-peek at his new endeavor, “Look at the Book,” which will be coming out in September. From the description, “Look at the Book” seems like a great resource for parents, teachers, and older students so that we might read and understand the Bible in a way that will cause us to better treasure God’s Word and God Himself.

Remember, we needn’t wait until our children are older to teach them to “look at the book.” We can begin even before they are readers and continue to slowly and intentionally, step-by-step, lead them through the process of “mining” the Scriptures. Want to learn more? Check out this free handout.

Don’t Miss: “Look at the Book”


In a recent Desiring God blog post titled, “The Legacy I Want to Leave,” John Piper shares the following sentiments:

When I think of the coming generations, I am not content to only leave them a deposit of books and sermons that celebrate the glories of God and the wonders of Christian Hedonism. A great teacher once told me to ignore the conclusions of commentaries, and only look for their arguments. I have tried to give good arguments. (more…)

Will Our Children “Drip” Bible?

I have seen this video clip by Pastor David Michael numerous times, but it still stirs my heart every time.

Bible-saturated children from Children Desiring God on Vimeo.

“We Can’t Teach That Because…”

In two previous posts, we heard Sally Michael explain why and how we should teach difficult doctrines to children. In this video, she raises and then answers the following five objections:

We can’t teach difficult doctrines to children because….

1. These truths are inappropriate to teach to children (e.g., dark; violent; evil).
2. These truths are too hard for children to understand.
3. These truths are too hard for me to understand.  How can I hope to teach them to children?
4. The kids are going to be bored with all of this theology.
5. These topics are too controversial.  I will get in trouble if I teach these things.

Creative Classroom Idea: Bible Memory Puzzles

Puzzle Piece Game
Here is a super simple activity that combines children’s love of completing puzzles with encouragement to memorize Bible verses. Target Age: 1st-3rd Grade


  • Cardstock or heavy-weight paper (e.g., 8.5″ x 11″)
  • Scissors
  • Plastic storage bags or envelopes
  • Computer and printer


  • Using a computer, type and format a Bible memory verse you are encouraging the children to learn. To add interest, include clipart or other design elements. Print the page on the cardstock.
  • Cut the page into 10-20 puzzle pieces, depending on the age of the children. (Search “puzzle template” for downloadable options.)
  • Make duplicate puzzles, depending on the number of children or based on how the puzzles will be used (e.g., one puzzle per group).
  • Place the puzzle pieces in the plastic storage bag or envelope. Label the bag or envelope with the verse reference.


Creative Classroom Idea: Books of the Bible Clothesline Activity

Teachers, are you looking for a fun and creative activity to help your younger elementary students learn the books of the Bible? Learning this important skill will help children become more proficient in searching for, and finding, Scripture verses in their own Bibles. Try this simple activity in your classroom.



Ideas creativas para aprender los libros de la Biblia

En un post anterior explicamos algunos ideas para enseñar los libros de la Biblia en su salón de clases. Esas actividades son muy bueno para los niños de 6 a 10 años de edad.



Decargue la plantilla (PDF) e imprima para sí mismo

  1. Imprima la plantilla en papel 11″ x 17″
  2. Recorte en las líneas de puntos
  3. Doble en la línea verde



Decargue la plantilla (PDF) e imprima para sí mismo

  1. Imprima la plantilla en papel 8.5″ x 11″ (puede usar un color de papel diferente para cada “grupo” de libros para distinguir entre los profetas, los evangelios, las cartas, etc.)
  2. Recorte en las líneas continuas
  3. Doble cada uno en la línea punteada


Puede usar palitos de helados o depresores de lengua


Decargue la plantilla (PDF) e imprima para sí mismo

Ideas creativas para su salón de clases

Aprendiendo los libros de la Biblia… ¡usando un tendedero!

Maestros(as), ¿están buscando una actividad divertida y creativa para ayudar a sus alumnos de educación básica (primaria) a aprender los libros de la Biblia? Aprender esta importante habilidad ayudará a los niños a ser más competentes al buscar y encontrar versículos en sus propias Biblias. Intente realizar esta sencilla actividad en su salón de clases.

Imagen: Los libros de la Biblia (more…)

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