Coming June 22: Faithful to All His Promises Revised!

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Do you know that feeling you get around Christmas? A picturesque tree is set up by the window and underneath rests a large, sparkly box with ribbons that just beg to be pulled. On the side is a tag with your name and big letters that say “Do not open until…”

Well, we have been feeling that Christmas anticipation around the Children Desiring God office these days. We have be finishing the final touches on the wrapping and are excited to say we have a big present almost ready for you to order. The revised version of Faithful to All His Promises will be available on Monday, June 22!

Faithful to All His Promises is a study for 2nd grade children about the promises of God. Children love presents, but what few celebrate or even acknowledge is that if they are believers, they are given presents every day…they just do not come in shiny packages. These precious presents are God promises!

Children will learn about the promises of God as they are taught the Faithful to All His Promises curriculum, but even more importantly, they will be encouraged to place unshakable confidence in these priceless promises. Faithful to All His Promises has been written in the hope that when children find themselves experiencing troubles–both the everyday battle of faith and the very hard battles–they will turn to the promises of God and trust that He is working to fulfill His precious promises.

While you wait to order your present, feel free to shake the box a little and take a peek inside at the Sample of the Revised Faithful to All His Promises. You can also read the short and extended Scope and Sequences.

Be sure to check back here on Monday to get more details about the release and place your order for Faithful to All His Promises!


Written by Rachel Golias

Rachel Golias

As a Marketing and Resource Development Specialist at Truth78, Rachel focuses on design, communications, curriculum development, and photography.

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