“He Established a Testimony” Becomes First Printed Curriculum in Manipuri Language

Although the Gospel reached the Manipuri people in northeastern India in 1894, they didn’t have any Sunday School material until this year. This fall, Suresh Singh of Partners in Discipleship International (PDI) visited the Truth78 team and presented the first printed copy of any curriculum in the Manipuri language, He Established a Testimony, Truth78’s Old Testament stories for young children.

“After so many years, the Lord has graciously provided this material,” Suresh shared at a meeting with Truth78.“ Christianity came to my people 124 years ago and we’ve never had any resources except our Bible,” he said. “Before I became a Christian my friends used to take me to the Sunday School. I heard the Exodus story there for two years because they didn’t have anything else.”

Suresh remembers becoming a Christian May 7, 1996, and then immediately starting Bible College June 1 because of his desire to take up the mission work his uncle had done. “When my Uncle heard that my father had gotten saved, he wanted to see his brother, so he sent a letter (no phone in those days) saying that he was going to go up the mountains and preach and then come see him on the way back. He never arrived. He was killed just five miles before he reached our home.” Suresh felt the burden to take up his Uncle’s work. “I thought, ‘I will complete what he could not finish.’”

In his desire to do missions, Suresh felt a particular calling to translation work. While working on numerous translation projects for various language groups, he also wanted to serve the Manipuri people. “My burden was to help my people group who are a neglected unreached people group,” he said. “It’s often neglected by mission boards in the West because to the North of us is Christian, and to the South of us is Christian, but in between is a people group in the mountains of 1.4 million Hindus, except for 1.7% that are Christians.”

Gary and Kathy Brewer and Suresh and Kim Singh visited with the Truth78 staff and board in October to share updates on a range of curriculum translation projects.

The Manipuri people’s long years without Sunday School material illustrates the massive global need for God-centered, Bible-saturated, Christ-exalting resources to reach the next generation. The Truth78 strategy is to publish resources in English and Spanish and provide them at no cost to translation partners, and then distribute all translated resources as free PDFs at Truth78.org. Truth78 is currently working with 13 different language groups and has opportunities in 2019 to reach more than a million children.

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Written by Steve Watters

Steve Watters

Steve Watters is the Truth78 Communications Director. Before joining Truth78, he earned an M.A. in family discipleship at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary where he served as the Vice President for Communications. He and his wife Candice co-authored the book Start Your Family: Inspiration for Having Babies. They have four children.

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