Memorable Classroom Moments + Friday’s Terrific Contest

***This contest is now closed. Laurel was our winner. She is planning to use the curriculum to teach her 6th grade Sunday evening class. Thanks to everyone for participating!***

Summer Reading
Have you ever experienced one of those “Wow” moments when teaching children or youth? Something happens that causes your heart to well up in thankfulness to the Lord as you see His Spirit at work in the lives of your students?

Sunday, June 9 was such a moment for me. It was the last day of first-grade Sunday school. Throughout the year, we had been studying The ABCs of God. Each week the children learned a new word describing something about God’s character—34 words in all. There are words like incomprehensible, creator, almighty, wise, jealous, omniscient, eXalted, righteous, holy, merciful, love, wrath, self-sufficient, etc. So, as a year-end challenge for the children, I asked them to recite the words in alphabetical order (they hadn’t learned them in that order). The only help I gave the children was introducing the letter “A is for…”, “B is for…”. But, to my amazement and joy, the children didn’t even need this prompting. In clear, loud, joyful voices they recited the ABCs of God from Almighty to Zealous.
Summer Reading
Big Truths + Young Hearts + the Holy Spirit at Work = Memorable Moments

Have you had any memorable moments this year in Sunday school or at home in teaching your children? We would love for you to share them with us so that all could be encouraged, and Jesus would be praised!

Friday’s Terrific Contest—Share your memorable moment in the comment section, and your name will be entered in a drawing to receive a FREE E-Edition of the newly revised curriculum My Purpose Will Stand! Submit your entry by Wednesday, July 3. Contest winner will be announced Monday, July 8.

Written by Jill Nelson

Jill Nelson

Jill Nelson is a wife, mother, grandmother, teacher, and author. She has taught Sunday School for over 20 years and writes God-centered curriculum for Truth78.

5 Responses to “Memorable Classroom Moments + Friday’s Terrific Contest”

  1. Terri June 28, 2013 at 6:40 am #

    The first time my son came to me after reading the Jesus Storybook Bible and told me he had a story to tell me. He then proceeded to recite the entire 4-minute story of Saul and Paul from memory. They ARE listening!

  2. Necia Ramsey June 28, 2013 at 8:23 am #

    I use “Jesus, What a Savior” with a class of 4-6-year-olds, so it has to be adapted for non-readers. Instead of word labels, we use pictures to represent the attributes of God, like a heart for Love and a crown for King. It is always exciting towards the end of the study to begin each class with a blank picture frame and have the children call out the missing pictures by name. The room echoes, “Creator!” “Omnipotent!” “Mighty!” “Eternal!” “Holy!” “Good!” “Kind!”

  3. Beatriz June 29, 2013 at 1:31 am #

    In the past summer we had a guest speaker come and speak to our kids. The speaker asked many questions throughout his lesson and to my amazement the kids answered all his questions. I was encouraged to know that the students were listening throughout the year… and the speaker also.

  4. Laurie June 30, 2013 at 7:45 am #

    This is different than the example in the post, but I certainly knew the Spirit of God was at work. I hope other teachers may learn from my memorable moment.

    As I was teaching through Matthew with my class of K-3rd graders, I paused at the end of the lesson and asked the kids a question. “Who is good enough to be allowed into God’s heaven?” I thought it was a no-brainer question. Every one of them raised their hands. I asked them why they believed that. The overwhelming answer was,”I’m a pretty good kid.” Works-based salvation by 8 years old. What kind of a burden were those kids carrying? That moment taught me that every lesson is about the gospel of God. I am purposeful now about taking my students back to the truth of Who God is and what the Gospel says during every lesson. It was a horrifying moment, but a very fruitful one! I’m thankful God was at work to reveal their need for His grace and my need to always teach His gospel.

  5. Amy July 1, 2013 at 9:47 am #

    In first grade, we learned that God is Righteous, meaning everything He thinks, says, and does is right because He always values what is most valuable ~ Himself.

    During small group time I was asking a young man if it is right when God heals a person? (He answered slowly, “Yes”). Is it right when God doesn’t heal? (Hesitantly…yes). Was it right when God rescued Daniel from the lions’ den? (Looking at me, thinking, slowly he said, yes). Was it right when Stephen was stoned? (Again, somewhat hesitantly he looked to me and said yes).

    Then, being sensitive to his personality, family and the subject matter, I asked him if it was right when his brother died to which he immediately & confidently responded “Yes.”

    You see, he grasped what it means to trust in God’s wise, sovereign and righteous ways, even when it hurts or doesn’t make sense to us. We were then able to pray, thanking God for who He is and asking Him to be so gracious to continue to help us trust Him more in all circumstances… Praise God for revealing these important truths to him and giving him eyes to see. 🙂

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