With this vision to spread…We will go!


Our mission is to spread a passion for the supremacy of God in all things so that the next generation may know and cherish Jesus Christ as the only One who saves and satisfies the desires of the heart.

We want millions in every generation to set their hope in God. To that end, we aim to is to spread a passion for the supremacy of God in all things so that the next generation may know and cherish Jesus fuel spiritual desire by producing God-centered, Bible-saturated, Christ-exalting resources, and by equipping parents and churches working in partnership to instruct the mind, engage the heart, and nurture the faith of the next generations.

This vision statement is the touchstone of the CDG discipleship efforts of teaching, writing, and ministry through curriculum, books, booklets, website, blog, apps…and now through the IMPACT Regional Conferences. Recently, a new focus was set at CDG on advancing this glorious vision for the joy of coming generations through IMPACT Regional Conferences—in other words, through much prayer and planning, we determined to “go on the road.”

Our IMPACT Regional Conferences feature three vision-casting plenary sessions featuring David and Sally Michael, founders of Children Desiring God. David and Sally then join others from the CDG staff to offer a variety of break-out seminars that give practical assistance to parents, pastors, Christian education leaders, teachers, and small group leaders in their discipleship efforts. An added blessing for those attending IMPACT is the opportunity to form networks with church leadership, Christian educators, and parents in their area for encouragement and prayer.

Here’s what others are saying about previous IMPACT Regional Conferences:

“The IMPACT Conference presents solid biblical foundations of teaching the next generation. I think the conference is also a good way to connect with people of other churches and to encourage each other.”

“The conference gave us new tools and more substance to help others understand the great truths of the Bible.”

“5 out of the 10 moms in my small group went to the conference and have been so blessed and challenged in our own spiritual walk and the call to impact effectively our children for God, that we are now sharing what we learned with the other moms. Also, your website is filled with lectures which we will utilize for small group times to further our learning. Thank you so much!”

“I told several people that attended the conference with me from our church that these seminars should be required consumption for all current or prospective parents. It’s never too late to learn this information but the earlier you receive it, the better.”

“This conference was truly a blessing. It reminded me again of the importance of pointing to God and his Son Jesus Christ in every aspect of parenting and Children’s ministry. It was also a great reminder of how to properly teach young children the Word of God, especially young children who we foolishly think shouldn’t be taught anything because they don’t “understand.” I really hope to put into practice what I learned at the conference. It was a blessing to me and to all the other fellow brothers and sisters.”

“As a teacher, I was really excited to be preparing this week’s lessons and hearing Sally and David’s voices as I read through them. Thanks for your heart for our Mighty Savior and our kids! CDG ROCKS!”

We hope you can join us for an upcoming IMPACT Regional Conference:

    • ROCHESTER, NEW YORK—February 7-8
    • AUSTIN, TEXAS—March 21-22

Written by Betty Dodge

Betty Dodge

Betty Dodge is the Children’s Discipleship Director at Redeemer Bible Church in Minnetonka, Minnesota. Betty also serves at Truth78 as a volunteer for Fighter Verses blog administration. She and her husband Rick have two married sons and six grandchildren.

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