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Here is a common customer question:

Do I really need to buy the student workbooks that are available for each curriculum?

Before we answer the question, it would be helpful to understand why we developed workbooks in the first place. There are several reasons we developed Student Workbooks (and Student Journals) to accompany our curriculum. Here are just a few:

  • Workbooks for younger children provide them with opportunities for “hands-on” activity, which assists them in their small group discussion time.
  • Workbooks for older children and journals for youth provide the students with a variety of opportunities for note-taking, class activities, personal application, and further study.
  • Workbooks provide students and parents with a resource that summarizes the precept-upon-precept study, in its entirety.
  • Workbooks provide the students with a tangible, interactive resource through which the truths presented in the lesson can be reviewed and remembered.

On that last point, picture the following true scenario…

A little girl went through The ABCs of God curriculum as a first grader. When she completed the study, she took home her workbook. It was a workbook that she had carefully worked on from week to week as she learned big words about God. She placed that special book next to her bed. And every night before she went to bed she opened the book, turned each page and reviewed, “God is Almighty. God is Bountiful. God is Creator….”

Almighty page 2 Almighty page 1

Imagine the “theological library” that each student can acquire as he or she completes a lasting resource for each study. What a valuable tool for the home as biblical truths from the lessons are reviewed and applied.

In summary, Student Workbooks and Student Journals serve a two-fold purpose:

  1. They help students synthesize the information that was learned during the lesson and cement that knowledge in their minds.
  2. They are a tool to enhance the application process, whereby the students are encouraged to move from head knowledge to heart application—responding to the truths learned.

So, in answer to the question, “Do we really need to use the workbooks or journals?” The short answer is “no,” you can teach our curriculum without using the workbooks or journals. But we believe that they are a really valuable tool that assists teacher, student, and parent in enhancing the learning experience.


Friday Contest: Tell us how your students have benefitted from using the workbooks, or tell us why you would like to receive a free workbook. We will draw 2 names to receive a free CDG curriculum workbook or journal of your choice. Submit your comments by Wednesday, September 18. The winners will be announced on Monday, September 23.

Written by Jill Nelson

Jill Nelson

Jill Nelson is a wife, mother, grandmother, teacher, and author. She has taught Sunday School for over 20 years and writes God-centered curriculum for Truth78.

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  1. alma September 13, 2013 at 12:43 pm #

    muy interesante su articulo estoy interesada en su libro soy una nueva mamá a acaba d iniciar su enseñanza en casa pero lo mas importante es enseñar cada día la Palabra de Dios bendiciones

  2. Jessica W. September 18, 2013 at 1:16 am #

    I would like to receive a free workbook so that I might see if it is something that our ministry might invest in. Thank you for all that you do for the sake of Christ!

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