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Applying truths of the Bible lesson to children’s everyday life is essential—and can be the most challenging aspect of classroom training. Understanding the value of application time will help the small group application leader properly prepare, lead, and engage students in life response to the Word of God.

To assist small group application leaders in preparing for their important classroom role, it is helpful to provide them with their own copy of the Leader’s Guide (or Teacher’s Guide). This gives them the opportunity to study the lessons for themselves and understand how the truths taught in the lesson are relevant to their own lives before asking students to think through their heart and attitude response to God’s Word.

To make it more economical for churches and groups to equip small group applications leaders, Children Desiring God now offers Leader’s Guides (or Teacher’s Guides) for preschool through youth curricula in 5 Packs at a discounted price. This discount is available on all Sunday school and midweek curricula for both print editions and electronic downloads.

Another helpful resource for small group leaders is available free of charge on the Children Desiring God website. Seminars that have been presented at our national conference events can provide small group application leader training, including this one presented by Keith Meyer during our 2011 Children Desiring God Conference in Minneapolis.

May the Lord use these resources to help students rejoice in the truths of Scripture and apply those truths to their lives.

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