New Year Tools

Fighter Verses™

At Truth78, we want to do everything possible to encourage Bible memory in churches and homes. Our Fighter Verses™ Bible memory program offers a variety of resources to help foster Bible memory in young and old alike. These resources provide inspiration, motivation, practical tools, and hundreds of carefully selected verses for memorization and meditation.

Get ready to memorize Scripture in 2019 by taking advantage of our special pricing on the Fighter Verses program. Use coupon code NewYear to get 15% off the following items (coupon valid December 11-18):

My Church Notebook

If you’re looking for help for encouraging your children to participate in the worship service, give them a copy of My Church Notebook (Vol 1 and 2).

My Church Notebook, Volumes 1 and 2 are designed to guide first- through sixth-grade students to participate in the service. It teaches them to actively listen to the sermon, take notes, recognize key points, ask questions, and discover more about God and His ways. Students are provided with seven prompts or questions to answer and are given additional space for further notes or drawings.

The recently-released My Church Notebook, Volume 2 includes updated illustrations and borders featuring themes relating to the life of Jesus and His parables, reminding children that Jesus is our great Savior and Lord. With God’s help, children in the worship service can discover who He is, understand more of His Word, and grow in their love for the truth.