Now Available: Faithful to All His Promises, Revised

Children Desiring God Blog // Now Available: Faithful to All His Promises, Revised

It’s finally here!

After over a year of hard work from the entire Children Desiring God team, we are excited to announce that Faithful to All His Promises, Revised, is officially released!

If you are new to this curriculum, Faithful to All His Promises is a Sunday school curriculum targeted toward 2nd grade children that helps them learn what God has promised believers and unbelievers and teaches them to trust God to always keep His promises. We do not deserve these promises, but they are priceless gifts God has given us.

Our prayer is that when children find themselves experiencing troubles—both everyday battles of faith and the very hard battles of life—they will turn to the promises of God and trust that He is working to fulfill His precious promises.

If you have been teaching Faithful to All His Promises already, you will love the enhancements we have made to the curriculum.

Here are a couple of our favorite updates to the revised curriculum:

  • Children Desiring God Blog // Now Available: Faithful to All His Promises, RevisedAuthor Sally Michael has reworked the lessons, illustrations and key truths to be specifically targeted toward 2nd grade students and their comprehension level. If you teach to a wider range of students, the material can still be adapted for 3rd-4th grade students.
  • Children Desiring God Blog // Now Available: Faithful to All His Promises, RevisedThe Visuals Packet has been completely redesigned and expanded to include nearly 300 full color Bible illustrations, custom photos, eye catching graphics and historical images. These visuals help teachers engage children in the lesson, explain new or challenging concepts to them and give them easy to remember images to connect to key truths.
  • Children Desiring God Blog // Now Available: Faithful to All His Promises, RevisedA big change to the content is the rewriting and addition of new application questions. The questions are designed to help small group leaders reach deeper to the heart as they guide children in applying the truths learned in the lesson to their personal lives. The application questions also interact with the updated activities the children complete in the Student Workbook. There are a variety of new activities in the workbook—writing, coloring, word searches, mazes, matching, etc.—that help children visualize what they are taught.

“The revised version of Faithful to All His Promises is worth it for the application alone!”

  • Another exciting aspect of the revised curriculum, is that Sally was able to intertwine some of the key themes in Faithful To All His Promises with other curriculum so they build upon each other, reviewing past lessons and setting the foundation for concepts to be taught in later years. For example, because children have learned specific truths about God’s character in The ABCs of God, they are able to trust that God will always keep His promises.

Children Desiring God Blog // Now Available: Faithful to All His Promises, Revised

These are just some of our favorite changes amidst all of the revisions.

If you are interested in learning more about the revised version of Faithful to All His Promises, visit the following links:

Learn more about available products and place your order!

View a sample of the curriculum and the read the curriculum scope & sequence.

Do you currently own a copy of Faithful to All His Promises? Read about upgrade pricing or call customer service at 800.477.1414 to discuss your upgrade options and place an order.


Please note, one important element of this curriculum is the Promise Item (formerly the Promise Button) that says “God always keeps His promises” and is given to each child in the class. The revised curriculum allows you to choose from a button, iron-on transfer or creating your own Promise Item from a file included in the Classroom Kit. Unfortunately, the Promise Buttons and Promise Transfers are currently back ordered and should be available by the end of July. When they are in stock, they will be available for purchase as either a set of 8 Promise Buttons for $8 or a set of 8 Promise Transfers for $8. A Promise Item Sampler with 4 buttons and 4 transfers is also included in the printed versions of the Classroom Kit. If you order a Classroom Kit, the Sampler will ship separately from the rest of the kit when it is available. For more information on how the Promise Item works, please view the curriculum sample.


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