Partner with Children Desiring God

Partner with Children Desiring God


New Passion-Filled Ways to Reach the Next Generation

Since the late 1990s, you—our customers and partners—have encouraged us with your passion to reach the next generation. When we interact with you, we hear your love for God overflow and know that you are as passionate as we are for the next generation to know, honor and treasure God and His Son Jesus Christ. It is our joy to serve you by encouraging you to be vision-oriented and equipping you with God-centered, Bible-saturated, Christ-exalting resources.

We are really excited for the start of 2017 as we not only mark a new year but also new ways and strategies for us to fulfill our 20-year-old mission for the next generation.

What New Passion-Filled Strategies Are We Working on Now?

New and revised curriculum and resources are continuing to be created in English and Spanish, but we want our resources to reach far beyond these two languages. We are currently working with more than 10  translation projects and would love to establish more so we can serve the global next generations.

We freely provide resources (vision of ministry, curriculum, training, etc.) to translation teams who will faithfully translate our them. In turn, we will freely distribute those translations throughout the world on a brand new website that will soon be developed.

Speaking of freely, another goal is to provide free registrations for all attendees at our future Impact regional conferences so more teachers and parents can hear our vision and training. We are also continuing to add to our collection of over 75 free training seminars on our website.

Would you prayerfully consider partnering with us on our new strategies to reach the next generations of the world?

How You Can Partner With Us

You can partner with us by praying for:

  • our ministry
  • the souls of the global next generation
  • current and new translation partners
  • development of a new website
  • development of new resources

If you would like to receive quarterly prayer updates, please sign up to become a prayer partner.

If you feel lead, we would be grateful for your financial partnership to help implement these passion-filled strategies.

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If you have any questions, please email Lori at or call 877.400.1414


Written by Brian Eaton

Brian Eaton

Brian has served as Executive Director at Children Desiring God in Minneapolis since 2006 when, at that time, the Lord redirected his vocational steps from informational technology management. Brian led the Fighter Verses Team at Bethlehem Baptist Church for many years and is passionate for the next generation to store God’s Word in their hearts. He and his wife, Cindy, have been married for 32 years and have five children.

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