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Pour Out Your Heart Before Him

A study for youth on prayer and praise in the Psalms

Pour Out Your Heart Before Him is a study of the book of Psalms, encouraging students to see God as the trustworthy, covenant-keeping God of Israel, who invites them into a personal relationship with Him through Jesus. Not only does God redeem His children from ultimate destruction, He also walks with them through every difficulty in life with shepherd-like care.


Children and the Worship Service

Jesus is opening His arms and inviting children to come to Him. One of the ways we reflect this truth to our children is by welcoming them into the most central, most regular, most valuable, and most corporate activity of the church. When we encourage families to worship together, we communicate to the children that they are a part of the congregation and, as such, should be included when the church gathers to worship. The presence of children also serves as a reminder to the church of its responsibility to nurture the faith of the next generation.


My Church Notebook

When families worship together, children receive an amazing intergenerational experience and thus have the opportunity to be influenced by the example of their parents and the congregation. My Church Notebook is a tool for children that will help train them to listen to the service and process what they hear so they can come into the presence of God, with other people of God, and concentrate on God!


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